Berg X-Cross BFR XL Go-Kart

This off-road go-kart is equipped with unique BFR system, which allows for accelerating, braking and immediate reversing from the standstill position.

Further Information

The Go Kart for children aged 5+.This fun bright go kart is great for all the family and has many standard features:

    • Proper off-road design
    • Rear mudguards with reflective elements
    • BFR system allows braking and reversing with the pedals
    • Adjustable seat unit and steering column
    • Durable frame suitable for professional use
    • Wide pneumatic tyres with deep tread for extra grip in wet terrain
    • Swing axle guarantees extra stability even in bumpy terrain
    • Double ball-bearings provides light steering
    • Includes power coaster brake

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Black, Orange

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